Lesson 2

Lesson 2 The Fundementals of Texas Holdem Poker
Here I will cover the basics of Texas Hold em Poker. The game play works much like any other card game. The game play will always go clockwise from the dealer with the first person to the

dealers left being the first action, or first person to play. Before the cards are dealt, the blinds, or antes, are placed in the pot. Example, small blind = $5, big blind equals $10. The

first player must place the big blind, $10, into the pot while the next player must place the small blind, $5, into the pot. Only the first person to play in the hand and the second person

will have to put blinds in the pot. This will rotate all during gameplay as the dealer changes each hand, rotating clockwise.

Each player is dealt two cards face down and they do not show their cards to the other players. The first player can do one of three actions. He can check, raise, or fold, we will say

he/she checks for the purposes. After the first person’s actions are complete, the second person can do one of three actions, continue to play the hand by putting the rest of there chips in

the pot, the other $5 to make a total of $10, raise, or fold. The second player has a minor advantage because if they decide to fold the hand if the first player raises, they are only out

$5, and not the whole $10. However, the other players have the real advantage at this point. Since they are not pot committed, no money in the pot, they can chose to fold without losing any


After all players have made their actions for the first round, the dealer will discard, or “burn”

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