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Poker Apps
Poker Apps

Poker AppsPoker Apps Some of the most popular poker apps on the market right now are the mobile poker apps being developed for Texas Hold em. Zynga poker is one of the most popular, but

there are also other apps that are available for free and some for only around a dollar or two. Governor of Poker, which is a great app can be purchased for around three dollars on several


Governor of Poker is a Texas Hold em style game that has an advanced tournament style and also delivers great cash game play. The one element that has made Governor of Poker so popular is

that each player can have their own distinct style and appearance. Governor of Poker 2 has been in beta for some time, but it is soon going to available. Governor of Poker 2 has great new

features like being able to buy a town, travel to different towns and then of course, being able to become the Governor. The graphics are very detailed and the character voices are from

well-trained voice actors.

The Governor of Poker app uses a top down style of play. You can only see your cards of course, but you also have the ability to see how many chips are in another player’s stack. This

makes it very easy to determine your next betting move. Other poker apps have failed to include this feature which makes game play tedious when having to constantly count an opponents chips.

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